The activities of the FCS-free database are funded by Friends of VetMed, the charity fund of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University. Together with supporters from around the world, Friends of VetMed strives to improve the health and welfare of animals through research and innovation. 

Support the FCS-free database and donate now via Friends of VetMed.* 

*Friends of VetMed is part of a registered Public Benefit Organisation (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI) and your contribution may be deductible from your annual income tax or corporation tax return. 100% of your contribution will go towards the FCS-free Database.



The organisations with which we have established a sustainable partnership with regard to the FCS-free Database:


Animal Free Research UKTriodos Foundation



Organisations from which we received donations to maintain the FCS-free Database: 

Alternatives Research & Development Foundation       Chemical Compliance CoachESTIV



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